Post Colours

Tensator® offers a wide pallet of colours and finishes, ensuring the right look for any application and décor. From powder coated paint finishes that match any interior to the warm & luxurious brass effect through to the cool crisp look of Stainless Steel. 

Post & Rope - Colours & Finishes

1P Polished Chrome 15 Brass Effect


Tensabarrier® Options

Powder Coated: Economical, Extremely Durable & Resistant to Wear

21 Red 23 Mid Blue 28 Green 32 White
33S Satin Black 35 Yellow
73 Hammer grey
80 Charcoal Grey
91 Silver 92 Dove Grey 100 Beige (textured)

Plastic post colors

21 Plastic Red 23 Plastic Blue 32 Plastic White 33 Plastic Black 35 Plastic Yellow

Chrome over Steel: Crisp & Cool

1P Polished Chrome 3S Satin Stainless Steel

Special Finishes: For Unique Environments

15 Brass Effect